Merchandise/Items for Sale

This Page is a place to find Lone Eagle Merchandise as well as a place to post any items that you may have to sell. Feel free to post any items.

Lone Eagle Merchandise  
If interested in ordering merchandise, contact Gary Williams 330-484-6535 or E-mail Lone_Eagle_Bowmen@yahoo.com

Lone Eagle Bowmen T-Shirt  with Logo Front & Back (shown below), Shirt Colors Available (Red, Camo, Pink Camo Blue, Grey, or Black) Sizes(Youth-3XL) 

Cost $10 Each  Solid Color T-Shirts
Cost $16 Each Camo T-shirts

Lone Eagle Bowmen Hats One Size Fits All with Stitched Logo, Colors Available(Camo, Red, and Black)
Cost $18 Each

Lone Eagle Bowmen Window Decals displaying the website are also available for $2 each