Four Man Team Event 2018

The Four Man Team Event is an annual shoot at Lone Eagle Bowmen. The idea of the Four Man Team is based on a blind draw. The cost to be in the Four Man Team is $5 more than the normal shoot fee, this cost is added to cover the cost of the trophies. The way that teams are created is by a completely blind draw out of a hat. Every four names pulled becomes a team and the top THREE scores of that team are added together for a total, in other words the lowest score of the team is dropped. These totals then are what determine the top FOUR winning teams in which each person of the team receives a trophy including the person whose score was dropped from that team. Everyone on this day can shoot with whom ever they chose and are not required to shoot with the people in their team. This event is also open to any and all classes from Youth to Open class and can include crossbow shooters. Part of this event can be luck of the draw, although it encourages people to shoot to the best of their ability that day to help out their team score.